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B. Dolan - Live Evel EP

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Released in 2007, B. DOLAN compiled this tribute to one of America's greatest heroes (Evel Knievel) with tracks from the upcoming LP The Failure. "Live Evel" captures the best of Dolan's blend of hip-hop and spoken word. Features SAGE FRANCIS, ALIAS, REANIMATOR and more.


Side A:
1) The Skycycle Blues (prod. by Kurtis SP)
2) Heart Failure (prod. by Alias, ft. Sage Francis)
3) Crow On The Riddle (ft. Between The Pine on music and vocals)

Side B:
4) Joan Of Arcadia
5) Still Electric (prod. by Reanimator)
6) Love Will Survive (prod. by Russel Fong)
7) Heart Failure (Instrumental, prod. by Alias) 

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