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Sammy Warm Hands - Figures of Speech 2xCD

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Real music for real music fans! A six-panel, double-disc package from Atomic Disc, with original drawings by Betsy Streeter. Features SFR's B. Dolan on the track "Buckshot"! 

Figures of Speech (Crushkill Recordings) is a jarring improvement upon an already unparalleled body of work. 20 years into his career—spanning punk, rap, and folk projects—Sammy Warm Hands continues to refine his craft.

Figures is an epic, 24-track magnum opus, featuring the best rhymers in the underground. From the punchline-packed opener Hands Down (featuring Carnage The Executioner and Supastition), to his sequel to the fan-favorite Redefine The Flow (with Casual of Hieroglyphics), the friendly competition is evident between artists.

The lead single I Don't Care sums it up best: "Keep placing myself adjacent to greatest names on your playlist, facing off or collaborating I'm as bad as your favorites." And on top of razor sharp bars, Sammy Warm Hands produced the bulk of the beats himself.

The album veers political on Wildfire (a six-minute takedown of Trump-era racism), and gets personal on Other Desert Cities (an ode to his 13 year-old cousin, who committed suicide), but Figures of Speech excels in its simplicity. The gloves are off, and Sammy Warm Hands is bringing the golden era back, one dusty breakbeat at a time.

1. Hands Down (feat. Carnage The Executioner & Supastition) 03:19
2. Nasty 02:24
3. Razor Tongue 02:06
4. Hearts of Kyber (feat. Peter Feliciano) 02:56
5. Buckshot (feat. B. Dolan) 03:02
6. I Don't Care 05:24
7. Bleeding Gums Murphy (feat. Ogar Burl) 03:44
8. Other Desert Cities 02:54
9. The Highest Hurdle 03:23
10. Wildfire 06:46
11. Damnation (feat. J. Philly) 02:51
12. Redefine the Flow pt. 2 (feat. Casual) 03:03
13. Lipstick 03:44
14. Local 02:57
15. Current 03:09
16. Lesions 03:03
17. Break of Dawn (feat. Gift of Gab) 02:11
18. Take the Reins (feat. Skeptik) 02:01
19. Cubicle (feat. Blueprint) 02:45
20. Rough Days 03:53
21. Chris Cornell 03:18
22. Tailspin 03:53
23. Numbered Days 03:35
24. On My Way (feat. Illogic) 03:40
released October 19, 2018

Produced, mixed & mastered by Sammy Warm Hands
at Take 92 Music (Eugene, OR)

Artwork by Betsy Streeter

All beats & rhymes by Sammy Warm Hands
(except FEATURES and the following BEATS:)

Hands Down, Cubicle by Durazzo

Hearts of Kyber, Lipstick, Bleeding Gums Murphy by Tzarkazm

Other Desert Cities, Local, Take the Reins, On My Way by Danny G

Wildfire by Web Beats

Current by Illogic

Lesions by Onry Ozzborn

Rough Days, Chris Cornell by Graves 33

Additional sampling by Rock n Roll Damnation

Scratches by Carnage the Executioner
(except:) Razor Tongue by DJ Foodstamp
Buckshot, I Don’t Care, Break of Dawn by Connah Jay

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