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P.O.S - Ipecac Neat CD

P.O.S - Ipecac Neat CD

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P.O.S. (of Doomtree)'s debut album, released in 2004 on Rhymesayers Entertainment. 

"An energetic, angry, intense record with dark, engaging beats. Ipecac Neat may be P.O.S's first album, but it doesn't come across as puerile or immature; rather, it's just full of the virulence and intensity of an angry young man who's looking at his world and doesn't quite understand what he sees." - All Music Guide

01 Gimme Gimme Gunshots
02 Meth-Head vs McNugget
03 Hunger Pains Three
04 That One
05 Sarah Silverman
06 Music For Shoplifting
07 Kicking Knowledge in the Face
08 Ants
09 Kidney Thief
10 Little Kids
11 I Play The Matador (Redo)
12 Lifetime... Kid Dynamite
13 Untitled 
14 Dead Music
15 Duct Tape
16 I Play The Matador (Original)

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