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Seez Mics - Cruel Fuel SIGNED CD

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1x Seez Mics "Cruel Fuel" SIGNED CD

The new Seez Mics album “Cruel Fuel” drops September 23 2014 via Crushkill Recordings (the label started by Michael Larsen aka Eyedea (rEYEp) before his passing).

“Cruel Fuel” features production from beat-box extraordinaire Max Bent as well as appearances from DJ Abilities and Kristoff Krane.

Seez Mics is best known for a decade of putting in work in the indie rap scene with his group Educated Consumers. He has also released solo work under the name Broken Clock, and was a member of the collective First Name Basis. A long-time SFR homie, Seez was an opening act on Sage Francis' 2014 US Tour. See all Seez Mics-related titles available at SFRstore here.

Seez Mics speaks on "Cruel Fuel":

the more life
i live
the more i realize
life is hard
for everybody.

"Cruel Fuel"
is an exploration of the
experiences and circumstances
that have made my life hard
but i felt unable to deal with directly
because of fear and shame.

my hope
is that being open and honest
encourages others to
deal directly with their fear and shame
instead of continuing to be
fueled by
the same
cruel fuel.

The "Serotonin Sweepstakes" video is directed by SFR's PROLYPHIC!

Check out the lyric video for "Post Pathic Profiteers" featuring DJ Abilities!

1. M.O.M.
2. Serotonin Sweepstakes
3. Becomes A Ghost
4. Social Insecurity
5. That's Not How It Works
6. Things Change
7. Human Farm
8. What Your Head Will Hold
9. Never Apologize To Your Rapist
10. Torn w/ Kristoff Krane
11. Cruel Fuel
12. Angel In The Engine
13. Post Pathic Profiteers w/ DJ Abilities

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