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Ceschi - The One Man Band Broke Up CD

Ceschi - The One Man Band Broke Up CD

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New Haven songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/rapper Ceschi Ramos(pronounced chess-key) and Berlin producer DJ Scientist initially connected around 2005 over a mutual adoration of rare 60's/70's Psychedelic, Prog and Folk Rock as well as 90's Hip Hop. On their first record together, The One Man Band Broke Up, both gentlemen evoke their influences creating a completely original sounding, melodic, dark and unabashedly progressive Hip Hop concept album.

Based around the ever revisited topic of the rise and fall of a musician, in this case one named Julius and The Bearded Saviour, "The One Man Band Broke Up" is as much about Ceschi's own fear of failure as it is about personal experiences in a dog eat dog music industry. As Ceschi's voice moves from meticulous almost mathematical rhythms to aggressive nearly punk howling to scat like rhymes, Scientist layers epic montages of samples, dynamic drums, along with chopped live instruments to compliment the diversity of styles. The album even slides in two of Ceschi's acoustic based tunes complete with violins, banjos and ukuleles. Friends including SoleAstronautalisRadical Face, 2econd Class CitizenCars & Trains and MiC K!NG also contribute instrumentation and vocals.

The combined outcome is a Post-Modern Hip Hop project unlike anything else the two musicians have previously released. It's been four years since Ceschi's last album They Hate Francisco False slowly but surely gathered a following around the world because of its honest and unique blend of left field hip hop and indie folk. During that recording hiatus Ceschi relentlessly toured the US, Canada, Europe and Japan with independent hip hop heroes such as Myka 9, Awol OneSole and Onry Ozzborn all while starting his own successful record label, Fake Four Inc., and recording his latest album with Equinox Records' Founder DJ Scientist.

#1 The One Man Band Broke Up
#2 Half Mast
#3 No New York (feat. Astronautalis)
#4 Lament For Captain Julius
#5 Fallen Famous
#6 Bridge
#7 Serious Business
#8 Hangman (feat. Shoshin, MiC K!NG & David Ramos)
#9 Bad Jokes
#10 For My Disappointing Hip Hop Heroes
#11 Long Live The Great Short Lived (feat. Sole)
#12 Swallowed Salt
#13 Julius' Final Song

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