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Noah 23 - Fry Cook On Venus CD

Noah 23 - Fry Cook On Venus CD

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Since the early 2000s Guelph, Ontario's Noah23 has been building up his reputation of being one of the strangest rappers in the galaxy. With his quick tongued raps, cultural reference infused stream of consciousness lyricism and a knack for writing gorgeous melodies, Noah has become well respected as one of the top independent Canadian rappers.

Over the years Noah has shared stages and songs with everyone from Clouddead and Sole of the original Anticon collective to Kool Keith, Islands and Matisyahu. On his latest album "Fry Cook On Venus" Noah teams up with Fake Four producers such as Factor, Cars & Trains and Skyrider to make his poppiest and most concentrated effort to date.

Guest Vocalists such as Liz Powell from the Saddle Creek band Land of Talk, Myka9, Sole, Awol One, Gregory Pepper, Ceschi and others also contribute to the record - helping to make one of the most intriguing hip hop listens of the new year.

#1 What It Is
2 Bright Green Laces
#3 Murder City (ft. Sole & Awol One)
#4 Bed Bugs
#5 Intangible Heart Crescendo
#6 Fry Cook On Venus
#7 Sea Of The Infinite Wave (ft. Ceschi & Myka 9)
#8 Can't Stay Mad
#9 Nuts (ft. Liz Powell of Land of Talk)
#10 Things To Do (ft. Rickolus)
#11 No Tomorrow
#12 Old Dog (ft. Ghettosocks)
#13 Time Again
#14 When I'm Gone (ft. Gregory Pepper)

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