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Sage Francis "Copper Gone" Screenprinted Relief Print - VERSION C

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These ”Copper Gone" poster prints were created by hand in Sage Francis’ home with the same plate of copper that was used to create the image on the album cover. Each print was numbered and signed by Sage Francis in 2014, but we haven’t made them available to the public until now.
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1x "VERSION C" Copper Gone Print - 11-inch x 11-inch - Silver ink on Black fiber paper - LIMITED EDITION OF 73 PRINTS!

Words from the creators on the process used to make these very special prints:

“We wanted a photo of an actual copper relief for the album cover. In order to get that relief we had to make a mirrored image of Sarah Coleman’s drawing engraved in a plexiglass plate, which worked as a cliche for the final copper plate. Once we finished the cover and got the final photo, we realized that now we have those laser engraved printing plates that we could additionally use as printing plates for a limited edition of monoprints, handmade on a little cylinder press. On 100% cotton fiber black paper with golden/silver etching ink." - Irena M., "Copper Gone" artwork designer

“Since we already had the plates developed, we decided we should print up some limited edition posters ourselves. To be clear, we don’t handprint posters. That’s not a thing we normally do. Turns out, it’s a difficult task and a craft all its own. Ha. Sooooo, after a lot of trial and error, experimenting with different types of paper, different types of ink, different style of paper preparation and printing techniques, we (Irena) finally figured the process out. First the paper soaked in my bathtub, then it got transported to the baby press we had set up in kitchen, and BOOM…I signed and numbered them. Next time we’ll have a professional do the printing, but it felt right to do this all in the house where I grew up and recorded the album in.” - Sage Francis

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