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Sage Francis - Life Is Easy DVD

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We're down to our last remaining copies of the "Life Is Easy" DVD! This will not be reissued in the same version in the future, so this is the last opportunity to own the special features included on the DVD, including extensive live footage!

About 2 hours worth of videos, live show footage, spoken word performances, interviews, fights, and awkward moments of a man who was too beautiful for this ugly world. 

1992 "Run Come Follow Me" (feat Ams Uno)

Intro Interview
Roller Skater Depression
Welcome to the Broccoli Cock (Rock the Bells 2004)
Escape Artist Video
Francis Says, Scribble Jam 2004
Tolerance Level Montage
Anticon All Stars in Europe
Headcase Live interview
Slam Battle
Sex Problems interview
Specialist Live
A Day in the Life
I Blame You interview
Dance Monkey Reanimator Remix video
Hi, I'm Joe Beats
The Cure montage
"That Ain't Right" spoken word live
Sage vs Sole 2003
Sea Lion Reanimator Remix video
Lou Kang Wins
Poster Board Montage
After 9/11 interview
American Psychopath
Makeshift Patriot Live

Extra Features:
Live footage with band from Abbey Pub, Chicago, 2003
Rewrite (50 ways to dis your ex-lover)
Crack Pipes
What's Your Name?
Mourning Aftermath
Inherited Scars
Climb Trees
Black Sweatshirt
Whore Monger
My Name is Strange

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