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Sage Francis - Sickly Business SIGNED CD RARE!

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VERY FEW COPIES LEFT! We thought they were sold out, but managed to dig up a few more copies from deep in the SFR catacombs. Now SIGNED by Sage Francis! PLEASE NOTE: These were old tour merch, so they are a bit banged up, some surface wear and dings to the corners of the cardboard sleeve. 

This is a limited edition disc originally manufactured for tour sales in 2004, which we will not be reprinting.


01 The Masters Are Back (Non-Prophets) 2003
02 The Failure Disc 2 #6 (B. Dolan) 2003
03 Love, Love, Love (Non-Prophets feat. Anonjondoe & 
DJ Mekalek) 2004
04 Stuck (feat. Slug, produced by Ant) 2004
05 Garden Gnomes (produced by Dangermouse) 2003
06 Killing Time (Live on 90.3 WRIU FM) 1996
07 Alternatives to College (short motivational speech)
08 Souvenir (unreleased AOI studio track) 2001
09 Threewrite (Non-Prophets) 2003
10 Tree of Knowledge (produced by Sixtoo) 1999
11 1996 Verse (Live on 90.3 WRIU FM) 
12 Doomage (feat. Brother Ali & Slug, produced by MF Doom) 2004
13 My Girl Was A Groupie (produced & performed by Joe Beats) 2004
14 Lost Verse of the Mainstream (Non-Prophets) 2003
15 My Head (featuring Sole, produced by Jel) 2002
16 The Worlds of Afterverse (Live on 90.3 WRIU FM) 1996
17 Jesus in a Bowl of Germs (Jared Paul) 2004
18 Kiddie Litter (produced by DJ Signify) 2003
19 Killing Muslims (George McKibbens) 2003
20 Sandpaper Gloves (unreleased AOI studio track) 2001
21 1995 Medley (random verses recorded in 1995)
22 Underbite Ben (Live in Sioux Falls) 2003

This is not an official album. It is the 4th in the series of "Sick of Waiting" compilation CDs. 

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