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Buddy Peace - Holy Chrome FREE DOWNLOAD!

Buddy Peace - Holy Chrome FREE DOWNLOAD!

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SFR's producer/deejay extraordinaire speaks on his first free release for Strange Famous, released in 2008ish:

"I planned to put this on each side of a 10 minute tape and sell them with handmade covers and cassette art and all that but in fact never got round to getting the tapes. I bought some - but they were 5 minute tapes and I couldn't do it. But it's still a finished project - it's pretty much in style with the D.U.B. series, just really edit-intensive stuff. I did all the edits by hand and all the sound oddities are edits and tests I did as I was going along. I think a lot of it had to do with the pent up-ness in me after the album. I didn't do a crazy amount of really math-core edits on that so I had a lot to get out of my system." - Buddy Peace

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