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OldBoy Rhymes x Sage Francis x Rituals of Mine x Alxndrbrwn - Master Cleanse - FREE DOWNLOAD

OldBoy Rhymes x Sage Francis x Rituals of Mine x Alxndrbrwn - Master Cleanse - FREE DOWNLOAD

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Anyone who wishes to provide financial support to help the affected citizens in Gaza, we understand how difficult it can be figuring out the best entities to donate to. The following organizations are ones we’ve vetted and feel the most confident about:

Palestine Red Crescent Society

United Nations Relief and Works Agency

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

Doctors Without Borders

If anyone feels strongly about another organization that we should consider including on this list, please feel free to contact us about that.

Lyrics: OldBoy Rhymes, Sage Francis, Rituals of Mine
Production, mixing and mastering: Alxndrbrwn
Artwork: ArtByTai
Label: Strange Famous Records
Release Date: January 19th, 2024




This is a lost Earth

People’s heads are down but they're pointing up like it's God’s turf

A synagogue, a mosque, a black rock, or a pop church 

Playing Christian rock in a concert

Whether left wing like Madonna's skirts or the right wing like the John Birch 

A holy man quotes proverbs while they toss dirt on a toddler

In a casket that he’s wrapped in like a bratwurst 

Real monsters where the shots burst from militiamen in their assault merch 

Where the helicopters sound like cha-ka cha-ka cha-ka cha-ka

…Reconnaissance work

Where the citizens stop as they’re frisking their pockets a kid who's just out on a job search 

Where a doctor's got post-traumatic stress disorder ‘cause all the gory stuff that he saw hurts

Where the people are stuck and the demons amok 

And they’re saying that peace is some treasonous stuff and babies are dying like clockwork 

I’m having lucid dreams of gruesome scenes

Things that humans beings do when we become too extreme

Pursue our pray like wolverines, we root for teams 

But some see troops as a means to an end

They salute the marines while funding the Mujahideen 

Funding coups for a new regime, puppets we move on strings 

But then there’s blowback collateral damage you see on your news feed

And we choose to read only one side of the narrative screaming through computer screens

Zoom meetings where the truth is reduced to a meme

Lunacy we can’t find unity instead I’m losing sleep

Watching refugee encampment tents turn to blood baths 

Of punctured abdomens, gashed skin, and fractured limbs 

While weapon manufacturers are cashing in

Flags of neo-fascist men flap in the wind

Back in Washington fat, old, conservative chickenhawks act masculine 

And they act offended like I'm a bigot for even questioning or asking them 

If hate is a communicable pathogen passed to them

Javelin missiles and Apache’s blasting

This is the psychology of a master cleanse 



How many becomes too much?

How many justified then becomes enough? 

I see the whole becoming hollow 

But the terrain's still rough 

Losing ourselves in ego

When we should have given up 

The kingdom failed you 

Your king failed you

To loosen your grip 

The fear of unknown 

The fear of being seen 

I guess it's easier to deflect and revise the history 

Hold the white flag 

Give me something to believe in 



How can I watch all these kids get killed and not speak up?

Along with healthcare workers and not speak up?

Journalist upon journalist and not speak up?

While so many mouth pieces feel the need to keep shut. 

For what? 

Is that career suicide to you?

Or just the comfortable but scared side of you?

Who was thumping their bible when Bethlehem got bombed on Christmas?

Did y’all send your thoughts and prayers in whispers? 

Hoping no one would really listen or hear it and then share their own opinions?

Schools and hospitals get targeted, this ain’t a difference of religion

Nor is it antisemitism 

Judaism is not the zionist agenda, America funds Israel by the billions

Upon billions, upon billions

It’s all good since they use that money to purchase our weapons and ammunition

If you always identify as the victim 

I guess any form of resistance is an assault on your existence 

Just remember how the “Won’t someone think of the children” contingent 

Went dead silent amidst all the the indiscriminate killing 

The apartheid, the genocide, the open air prisons

Slaughtered civilians, please spare us the what about-isms

This is a 75 year negative feedback loop

With an oppressed and an oppressor, a neck and boot

For a people who’ve been brutalized for so goddamn long

You’ve gotta know deep down this shit is wrong


Give me something to believe in 

Give me something to believe in 


How many men of God are demigods in them synagogues or little mosques? 

Hypocritical Christians tending to the flock like Chickenhawks squawk on CNN and Fox?

How many kids pitch rocks against soldiers with Kalashnikovs?

The planet is a tinderbox, humanity just missed the plot

I’m not bowing to the Twitter mob, naw, my mind is clear

I’m rising to a higher tear, up above the primal fear

Up above the riot gear, up above the puppeteers who profiteer like financiers

Above the little kids who died eyes wide as frightened deer

I’m up above the biosphere, here crying ultraviolet tears

Looking at us fighting like tribes with spears on our tiny sphere

If you’re like Werner Von Braun what’s the consequence of murder?

They don’t take your life away just like some non-essential workers 

I'm not talking ‘bout your serverI’m not talking flipping burgers 

I’m talking ‘bout the hate like when the Christians fought the Berbers

We know some scars are ancient and they lead to dark places

Like the hearts of hardened racists snarling at the Star of the David

And I know It’s hard to say it, but I’ll say it, here’s a question 

Whose in prison? Who’s flexing with precision guided weapons?

Yo we witnessed 9/11 they monopolized deception

Go Ask Julianne Assange if sunlight’s a disinfectant

Washing bloody clothes in chloride, standing on the lord's side

Let’s turn em into animals like we anthropomorphize 

AI and warp drives, baby corpse with horse flies

Mordecai, fortify the king, protect your tribe    

The New York Times, both sides report lies 

We’re watching martyrs memorialized as we justify war crimes


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