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Sage Francis - Sick of Waging War SIGNED CD

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1x Sage Francis "Sick of Waging War" SIGNED CD
1x SFR Sticker (randomly selected design) 
If you're curious about the genesis of Strange Famous Records, look no further than founder Sage Francis' "Sick Of..." mixtape series. Before Sage signed any label deals or built SFR into the independent powerhouse that it is today, he produced these lo-fi, cut-and-paste, truly indie underground classics, chock-full of unreleased studio tracks, rarities, demos, radio freestyles, collaborations, and more.

The third entry in the "Sick Of..." series was "Sick of Waging War / The Known Unsoldier". This version is the most recent pressing, including a 4 panel sleeve. CD comes packaged in an eco-friendly, full-color slim cardboard case. Some are shrinkwrapped, but you can recycle that.

01 Commercial Radio Advice Intro
02 Narcissist, 2002 03 Mourning Aftermath, 2002
04 Makeshift Patriot, 2001 

 05 Freestyle Confession, 1999
06 Can I Kick It?, 1997
07 Hang Time (Bang Bang Boogie), 2002
08 Mutiny, 1997
09 I'm Gonna Getcha, 2002
10 Mermaids Are SeaSluts, 2000
11 Embarrassed, 2002
12 Inner Conflict, 1999
13 How To Write A Political Poem, 2001
14 This Is Not A Dis Freestyle, 1998
15 AOI Jam. 2000
16 I'm Not A Hater, 1998
17 Question Their Motives Freestyle, 1999
18 Cafe Girl
19 Not What I Am
20 Dirty Mac
21 The Write, 1996
22 Love Letters From Hell Outro


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