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B. Dolan - We Show Up CD

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B. Dolan's first LIVE album! 
CDs available only at B's live shows & here at SFRstore!


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WE SHOW UP is the first live LP from B. DOLAN, compiling the best of live recordings from three years of heavy international touring. The “A Side” features beautifully mixed soundboard recording from the SPEECH DEVELOPMENT TOUR stop in LIVERPOOL on NOV 12, 2014. This was the ‘live band’ tour setup at it’s best, and features incredible versions of “KING BEE”, “WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?, “MARVIN” and more. 

The “B Side” was recorded in Dublin on SEP 29, 2015 with BUDDY PEACE, and features the beginnings of the new MC/DJ set as well as some new live arrangements of KILL THE WOLF material. The new versions of “WHO KILLED RUSSELL JONES?” and “THESE ROOMS” are worth the album price alone.  

The album ends with a shockingly hardcore live band backing of the Epic Beard Men in Boston from 2013. No dummy is left unpunched. 

Since 2006, B. Dolan has been showing up in your city. Through rain, sleet, snow and border crossings. Through good tours & bad. We don’t disappoint. We don’t skip soundcheck. We get there on time, and we Tear Shit The Fuck Down. If our name is on the bill, WE SHOW UP.


1. Still Here 05:08

2. King Bee 03:31

4. Kitchen Sink 02:45
5. Film the Police 02:13
7. Marvin 03:51
9. Safety Theater 04:44
10. The Devil is Alive 03:51
11. Jailbreak 03:17
12. Alright 05:41
14. These Rooms 04:16


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