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Dope KNife - Happy Thoughts CD

Dope KNife - Happy Thoughts CD

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Rappers Dope KNife (SFdigi) and Miggs Son Daddy craft this heavy conceptual rap album, with production by Black Ceaser and Freak the Monsta.

No one knows how long this place has been here. Some of it's inhabitants are new arrivals, some have been here for years and to a select few, this place is all they've ever known. You are about to enter a world of deception, desperation and depravity. Where danger lurks around every corner. Don't be fooled by the sky because here, everyone has a motive. 

Close your eyes and think Happy Thoughts.

01 Stupidman
02 Ol' Boy feat. Christi Hester
03 Make Perfect feat. Valore
04 When The World Ends feat. AllOne
05 Bad Co. feat. Werd Life
06 The Life feat. Mikal kHill & Ceschi 
07 Tic Toc
08 Revenge
09 Memoirs of a Bad Man feat. Freak Tha Monsta
10 Everyday feat. DT
11 Relics
12 Happy Thoughts feat. Mothabug 

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