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Prolyphic & Reanimator - The Ugly Truth CD

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"Intelligent hip-hop rarely bangs like this...Reanimator's beats hit hard while Prolyphic hits the heart" - URB Magazine

Your favorite MC fell off years ago. Hip-Hop sells you everything from SUVs to happy meals. Former prophets of rap declare the art form "dead." PROLYPHIC & REANIMATOR step into the wasteland with a chip on their shoulder, and an edge sharp enough to scrape the make-up off with their debut LP, The Ugly Truth.

Sage Francis initiated this marriage of beats and rhymes by connecting a multi-talented producer (Reanimator) in Chicago with a highly skilled lyricist (Prolyphic) from his hometown of Providence. P&R became the first signed rapper/producer duo on the burgeoning Strange Famous Records label, and now the team is unleashing their ugly truth on the pseudo-beautiful public.

Since his first release in 2000, Prolyphic has been an active fixture on the indie rap scene, and his reputation as a lyrical talent is hardwon. On The Ugly Truth, Prolyphic delivers his strongest work yet, dissecting the status-quo of our lives, feelings and music. His talent for catchy hooks and infectious wordplay make these blue collar anthems both entertaining and poignant. With two tours under his belt and multiple self-released albums in his catalog, there is no lack of experience or inspiration in Prolyphic's verses.

Reanimator, the shadowy mastermind behind some of Sage Francis' most beloved jams, provides a diverse musical landscape that keeps you glued to the speaker. Since first making his mark on Francis' celebrated Personal Journals LP in 2002, Reanimator has developed a layering technique that has evolved greatly. This is the kind of beat production you didn't think existed anymore; sampled loops reminiscent of golden age hip-hop with additional live instruments that show a solid understanding of music composition. Saluting the past while moving forward, The Ugly Truth is the most complete realization of his work to date.

Sage Francis, Alias, Macromantics and B. Dolan all appear as guest vocalists. Throughout the album, we are reminded that the emperor has no clothes, and our collective daydreams are all falling apart. What's left is a void that can only be filled by courageous artists; those who aren't afraid to paint The Ugly Truth.

1. 99 Bottles 
2. Born Alone 
3. Artist Goes Pop 
4. Flashlight 
5. Survived Another Winter feat. Alias, B. Dolan, Sage Francis 
6. Way That I See It 
7. Ugly Truth 
8. Box Within a Box 
9. On the Side 
10. Slow to Get Up 
11. Two Track Mind 
12. Easier Said 
13. Sleeping Dogs Lie 
14. Playing with Old Flames 

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